2013 teaching schedule

i just posted my teaching schedule for 2013 thus far; there are more classes still in the works, but i thought i should get this up before the year progresses any further. where has January gone? it’s always the month i dream of all through the busy fall/holiday season, as my month of peace and catching up. and then, before i know it, it’s gone!

some highlights for 2013 will include my 4th Spring session teaching at my beloved Squam Art Workshops, which, as you probably know, sold out this year before registration even started. woo HOO!

and before that, in April, is the debut of the Makerie Sewing, which i am SO excited about! registration is still open for this one, so act fast and you can join me and the all-star teaching team including Amy Butler, Liesl Gibson, Jenny Hart and more.

and a little closer to home, i’ll be teaching some crochet classes at Purl Soho in February: Hook Up a Hat and Granny Square Workshop. it seems like the buzz about crochet is finally picking up, so grab your hook and i’ll see you there!

lots more to come, and we’re cooking up some big ideas over at Double Knot too, so stay warm, and stay tuned!



  1. I hope there will be some classes upstate during the summer. I plan on being in NY late July or early August and a class with you would be a delightful addition to the trip!

  2. cal, there is a new place called beehive sewing here in northampton – a sewing studio with classes. come teach here!

  3. aw, that is so sweet Kat! keep me posted when your plans firm up; i usually take the month of August off from teaching, but i can try to plan something you’d want to take in late July ;n)

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