A-Line Skirt SAL: now where were we???

so, above you see what might just be the cutest skirt ever. the piping! the buttons! and of course i always adore denim, especially if it has linen in it! and such a lovely, clear photo too. that’s what i call a Picture of a Skirt! this is the stuff that makes a teacher’s heart sing. melissa did an amazing job and i’m so proud to have played even the tiniest role! i love that she got creative and turned the darts into piped seams.

anyhoo, hopefully now i’ve distracted you from the fact that i totally dropped the ball on this sew-along business. i have a long list of excuses but we don’t really need to dwell now, do we? most of you who i’ve heard from have only been saying that you have fallen behind, but no one has yet called me out on the fact that i’ve been MIA! maybe you’re all just too nice…

so! back in the saddle! are you still with me? i’m secretly hoping that some/many/all of you (who haven’t gone ahead and finished on your own) will have been relieved to have a few extra weeks to catch up or join in. now what i’m wondering is, what stage are y’all at? what would you like to see from me? a french seam tutorial? invisible zipper tutorial? bias tape facing tutorial? those were my plans, but i want to know if those will be useful to you. let me know your thoughts and i PROMISE not to leave you hanging again… i’ve got the french seam tute halfway done already!

also, if i haven’t lost you altogether, are we still on for a Shift Dress Sew-Along when we’re done skirting? how’s August looking for you?



  1. SHIFT DRESS!! End of August into September?
    I admit to never having made another slirt after my ‘wearable and cute’ muslin.. summer work and garden chores demand most of me.

  2. I’m absolutely blushing! Thanks for your nice, nice words about my humble skirt. I will wear it with pride. I’m down for shift dress in August! Hell, yeah. HOw can I say no now!

  3. I’ve made 2 skirts since the start, yay!
    I’m totally in on the shift dress.

  4. YAY! glad to hear it tamika! hope you + your garden and chickens are having a great summer!

  5. well it really is just so stinkin’ cute! and such a great example of how a touch of detail takes a very simple garment to the next level, which is really the point of my whole book ;n)

  6. I stink 🙁 I have my pattern finished and have yet to make my skirt. What am I afraid of?!? That I’ll actually make a piece of clothing? =P

  7. no you DON’T stink! you drafted a pattern! that’s impressive! you’ll get to the sewing. the same thing happens to me all the time… no punishment here, only encouragement ;n)

  8. I’m in! Company is gone, work is laid back, I am making skirts!

  9. I would love some tips on putting the zipper in and making that side seam look really flat below the zipper. I would love to make a shirt dress as well!

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