a week of unlimited creativity!

every summer, i try to schedule myself at least a 1-week creative *residency* right here in — literally — my own backyard. sometimes it helps that my pal Alisa comes to visit, and we do it together, so i can’t bail on my commitment to myself. i tend to push my own projects aside for most of the year, since i have so many deadlines for work or custom orders, so i’m always fantasizing about time spent focusing on my own ideas. the next two weeks are when i’ve scheduled some vacation time, which includes all sorts of plans to play with dyes, paints, stitches and other experiments… so the timing couldn’t be better that Creativebug happens to be offering, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, a week of absolutely free full access to the whole site for those who’ve been curious, August 15-21. you don’t even have to enter your credit card info to get going! even if you only have a day or a few hours, set aside some creative time for yourself and explore…

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