back in the saddle!

well, not quite yet, but i’m here in Texas at Lucky Star Art Camp and tomorrow– squee!– i am signed up to get back in the saddle for the first time in 30 years*. riding was a big part of my childhood and i’m BEYOND excited about this!

i can already tell this week is gonna be lots of fun in so many ways, despite the fact that i now know to look out for the tarantulas, scorpions and rampant wild hogs that are native to these parts.

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*in case you’re wondering, that’s me with Bobbi Gold, Salty, Ebony, and Foxy above. yes, i still remember their names…



  1. you obviously didn’t spend enough time talking to Katie and Keri! i’ll admit to being a tiny bit disappointed i didn’t see any of the scary things. they also told me later about the 10″ long centipedes that wrap around your leg and sting!!!

  2. Loved your horsie pics on instagram and so did my girl! Come up here and ride with us! xo

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