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at last! the cat is out of the bag! i am so happy to be able to shout far and wide about this project, which has been in the works (and under wraps) for nearly 9 months now. you may have already peeked at creativebug when i gave you the teaser the other day, but now the site is fully up and active. and there’s so much to see! i’m in love with my little get-to-know-me video on my teacher page. so far, i’m opening with some crochet, patternmaking and sewing classes. my good buddy jill draper has learn to knit and lace knitting. the site has launched with 15 instructors, all geniuses in their respective fields. what a crew! there’s liesl gibson, heather ross, debbie stoller, and alix bluh, to name just a few. you can watch the intro to any class as a preview, and check out the fun teacher trailers too; they are really beautifully done by the talented creative team behind creativebug.

so how does it work? simple: you pay a small monthly fee to subscribe, which gives you access to ALL of the classes you want to take. you can watch them as many times as you like, at whatever hour of the day works for you. pretty cool! you can also show off your projects in the student galleries for each class. note that the website literally just went live yesterday, so it will be growing and developing with the community’s needs and wishes. and new workshops and teachers will be added weekly…

i knew i wanted to be a part of this innovative new venture from the moment i heard about it. teaching online is the wave of the future, and i love the idea that now everyone, no matter where they live, has access to my classes (and all of the other incredible ones too) just makes me unbelievably happy! here’s the mission statement:

“We aim to be your go-to source for online art and craft instruction. We’ve gathered some of the most inspiring designers and crafters to bring video workshops right to your screen. Whether you’re an accomplished artist or just getting acquainted with a glue gun, our workshops provide project ideas, expert guidance and a healthy dose of creative inspiration.

Fancy learning how to crochet at midnight? Have a hankering to paint in your pajamas? Once you become a member, you’ll have unlimited access to all of our workshops. We’ll keep a library of your favorites and even remember where you left off if you want to continue later. Each workshop is broken down into video segments so you can skip ahead or watch a video again and again until you master a technique.

We also strive to make a difference by donating 5% of all subscription revenues to non-profit art organizations.

So, what are you waiting for? Make a pattern. Make a print. Make a difference.”



  1. Sewing princess

    Congratulations! It’s so great! Loved your teacher video and the cute chickens

  2. yikes the website is not working for me.. hopefully it is up and running again soon, can’t wait to check it out!

  3. hi ashley! hmm, maybe it had a little hiccup? it seems to be fine now ;n)

  4. Anonymous

    Oh how I adored your video. Such an excited venture! Congrats lovie.

  5. Congratulations ! This new website looks really interesting, and I loved watching your profile video. 😀

  6. How fun!! The classes are sure to be great, as you are fantastic in person already. Looks like an awesome venture all around.

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