book review: Skirt-A-Day Sewing

there’s a new clothes-making book on the block! let me introduce Skirt-A-Day Sewing, by one of my long-time stitchy pals, Nicole Smith. i’ve worked with Nicole for many years while she was an editor at various sewing mags, including Adorn and Sew Stylish. if you love sewing skirts, you will definitely want this one in your library! it shows you how to draft your own skirt sloper, then turn that sloper into 4 key skirt silhouettes, and then modify those 4 patterns in 7 different ways, for a total of 28 skirt projects!

the first chapter, Gear Up, focuses on the tools and materials you’ll need to make the projects. the second, Construction Zone, shows step-by-step tutes on sewing techniques you’ll be using, such as seam finishes, zipper installation, and ways to hem. the third chapter is the one which explains how to draft your own custom skirt sloper, which will be the foundation for making all of the skirts in the book fit you.

here are some of my favorites:

there are lots of cute skirt styles in the book, to suit every taste. i love the green Twiggy Skirt with its big buttons and topstitching. and the pleated Great Scot skirt is rather adorable too…

the 4 main silhouettes are: wrap, straight, flared and high-waisted. i’m partial to the flared ones because i think they’re the most flattering.

the Block Party skirt includes a clever play on stripe direction, something i always love to play with too!

i think my favorite skirt in the book is Piece Gathering. and that ikat fabric? divine! [note to self: must ask Nicole where she got it!]

the Girlie Show Skirt is also super cute and seems like a staple wardrobe piece everyone could use in their closet, easy to dress up or down…

if you want to get radical, the New Wave Skirt has spiral-y curved darts that are super cool.

i think this book is perfect for all of you who have my book and want more challenges and styles in the skirt department. this should keep you busy! it also goes into much greater detail about the sewing aspect, and will be a great reference resource on techniques and options.

leave a comment below saying what is your favorite style of skirt, for a chance to win a copy of this book! comments will close at midnight on Monday, 9/23 and i’ll announce the winner on Tuesday.

you can also see a preview of the book over here, and check out the other stops on the tour for more chances to win a copy (some may have ended since i’m the 2nd-to-last stop, sorry!):

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  1. My favorite type of skirts is the A-Line skirt, I think it’s a very flattering style to me, and so,so easy to make!

  2. What lovely unique skirts.
    My favourite skirt is the wrap skirt; but have to admit this opinion is based upon laziness – no zippers, no buttons…

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I love skirts.. Your sew-a-long was really inspiring!

  4. love these skirts. hard to pick just one! that Twiggy skirt is super cute, love the one that starts the chapter on flared skirts but i really want to spin the day away in that pink and orange twirly skirt!

    happy friday sweet.

  5. Whatever style “The Girly Show” is, would be my fave.

    Thanks to you, I am about to get back into sewing, after sort of dabbling a little over the years. My main desire when I was thinking of buying a machine, was making skirts, so this book will be great.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this book!

  6. I love all of them. My super favorite is definitely the Piece Gathering skirt. It is hype, it original and fun. The fabric is so fabulous too. Love it all around!!!. I am not sure if it would be flattering for my curvy figure but I’d love to try it. The other ones are all very nice too. I love the concept of the block party one but I would add more length for me.

  7. LOVE these skirts…. I need to sew more this winter, I’ve got great new boots and legwarmers, and they need MORE SKIRTS!

  8. What a great idea for a book! So many that I would tackle as I wear skirts just about every day but have only ever made one myself! I’d start with a few Girlie Show skirts if I won your book giveaway!

  9. My favorite style of skirt is the kind I can actually make. 🙂 I like the idea of trying a wrap skirt, and the green one (Twiggy?) is cute. And flared skirts sound fun….

  10. I also love flared skirts best, and the one beside chapter 6 / Flared skirts looks just perfect !! 😛

  11. Can’t beat a lovely A line for a flattering skirt and I love skirts cut on the bias.

  12. My favourite type of skirt is an A line skirt. I feel it somehow hides my wide hips and is so versatile at the same time.

  13. My favorite style of skirt is a full skirt, but the ones that look best on me are pencil skirts. Thank you for a chance to win this book.

  14. stephanie tipton

    My favorite style is flare. I love it for the look and the ease of movement it affords. I’d love to try so many of the styles and mods in this book. Thanks for the chance.

  15. Flared for me too! Easy and flattering to wear. This book looks great.

  16. I have trouble finding skirts off the rack that fit my shape, so I am really craving this book. I am with you on the flared, definitely flattering.

  17. A pencil skirt or a denim skirt. Both so versatile and easy to wear. 🙂

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  19. I think flared skirts are best for my body type. The book looks great! And thanks for the giveaway.

  20. I’m a huge fan of flared skirts too, but I love a great wrapped skirt!

  21. I love wearing pleated skirts for something dressier and flared skirts for everyday.

  22. I like flared skirts — they can be dressed up or down and they hide a multitude of figure flaws! 🙂

  23. Dorothy Burkholder

    The flared skirts are my favorite to wear for an active lifestyle. Thanks.

  24. Linda Armenti

    My favorite skirt is the tennis skirt. Short, a little swingy and the more colorfully designed the better. It’s a chance for fun fabrics and designs to be as crazy as you want it to be.

  25. I’ve been wearing pants for years but want to get back to skirts. I like the girly yellow one and also the one with the curved darts.

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