curioser and curiouser

curiousdo you love podcasts as much as i do? i listen to them while i work, and also when i’m driving. i subscribe to lots of different kinds, but my favorites are those that interview makers. they keep me company while i’m sewing or cutting out dresses or crocheting, and it fascinates me to hear other creative people’s stories and practices.

back in June when i was at Squam, one of my cabin-mates was the lovely Helen of the Curious Handmade podcast. Helen designs exquisite knits, plans awesome events, and talks about running an independent creative business, and i’ve listened to every episode of her show, so i felt like we were already old friends, since she’s been hanging out with me in my studio for years! she knew at the time that she’d be doing a series on clothes-making, which has now evolved into the Curious Handmade Wardrobe Challenge, and she aired her interview with me on Friday to coincide with kicking off the challenge. this month is for plotting and scheming so i’m still coming up with how exactly i want to participate. believe it or not, my own handmade wardrobe has some holes to fill!

spinning at squam

i wish we had a photo of us recording, because we both had our needlework in our laps as we giggled on the couch in the living room of our darling cabin, with a crackling fire (it was a slightly chilly, cloudy afternoon). the photo above will give you some idea of the mood, as it was taken in the same cozy room. but alas, no one was around to visually capture the happy hour or so we spent chatting. when i listened the other night, i was transported back to that wonderful moment. we laugh a lot, and talk about why i love crochet, how i began teaching at my little shop in NYC, tips for beginner sewing projects, why i don’t sell sewing patterns (yet), and lots more. i think you might enjoy grabbing a project and a drink and listening in, and you may even feel inspired to join in the fun of the Curious Handmade Wardrobe Challenge… it’s very flexible, and you can set your own goal, and it’s open to sewing, knitting, and even crochet!



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