design your own wardrobe!!!

do these girls look EXCITED to you? well, let me tell you: they ARE. but their enthusiasm is only about 1% of what i’m feeling as i announce my newest workshop with Creativebug! (oh, and they are wearing samples of the tunics, dresses and shirts YOU can make too after taking it!)

since i’m feeling quite incoherent as a result of bursting with glee, why don’t i SHOW and TELL you what it’s all about:


sometimes when i teach patternmaking, i worry about not being there for my students as they take their new pattern and go through the process of making and fitting a muslin, correcting the pattern, and then sewing the real thing. my ultimate favorite way to teach in-person is the immersive 40-hour kind of class (like i’m doing at Shakerag this summer) which is rarely possible. but with this online workshop, i can offer you an at-home version that won’t leave you hanging!

Pattern Drafting is the 2nd in our new series of “workalong” classes, meaning each segment will unfold one week at a time, allowing you to work on your projects in between, AND we’ll have a live Q&A chat three times during the month. how FUN is that? so, gather your supplies (there’s a list at the bottom of the workshop page) and get ready (and please tell your friends!), we begin April 1st!

these are two examples of skirts you could make; once you start mixing and matching elements, you’ll see that there really are infinite possibilities!

above are just a few ways you can take your master tunic pattern and stylize it up. as you can see, a whole wardrobe of options…

oh, and leave a comment below, telling me what kind of clothes you want to make yourself, to have a chance at winning a 3-month subscription to Creativebug for yourself and a friend!

4/1/14 edited to add: the contest is now closed; thanks so much for entering!








  1. Shari WItt

    Hi! I would love to make your Squam tunic top, and similar in a dress, something not too fitting (to hide the rolls :)) and not to full (for slimming purposes :)).

  2. Kimmy Linscott

    I can’t wait to learn how to make tunics for my body shape! No more in between for me. Yea! Thank you so much for sharing all of knowledge and love for creating!

  3. Hello Cal,

    I have been wanting to create a master pattern from one of my tattered vintage dresses (love 30’s house dress and British factory dress styles) — BUT, the thing I love about your line of basics is that the silhouettes are simple and classic and lend themselves well to layering — longer skirt over leggings with a shorter dress, and then a shorter tunic layered over that. And a cardigan of course for when it’s chilly — love Ivey Abitz and Rebe by Debra Weiss and the way they layer, but your designs are better suited for my personality and body. Phew! that was a lot. Can you tell I’d love to win this for my girl friend and me (she recently took the sewing plunge and bought herself a machine, really digging it). Me, I’d love to hand sew your designs Chanin-style.

  4. I want to make clothes that actually fit me, made well and don’t fall apart. Creating clothes that are classics, that I am proud to wear and become favorites in my wardrobe. I am so excited about this, and can’t wait to do another class with you!

  5. I would love to make some leggings and a tunic that fits right. This looks like such a fun and useful class!

  6. Elizabeth

    I’d love to learn how to make clothes that are comfortable enough for my stay-at-home lifestyle, but look more presentable than my current sweatpants. I’m heavier than I’d like to be, so it’s a particular challenge to find patterns that are the right shape. Tunics are my favourite thing right now, but it’s hard to find nice ones in breathable fabrics. And I’m never sure what one should wear on the lower body when sporting a tunic on top.

  7. Hi Cal, I definitely would like to make some tunics to wear with leggings, maybe with some extra fullness to follow me through my pregnancy. πŸ™‚

  8. Elizabeth

    I do have a pair of leggings, but don’t wear them in public! I worry that it’s not suitable for a larger/older person, and have had trouble finding tunics that are long enough to cover my midsection. And it’s hard to find them in plus sizes. I’d love to wear leggings more (like all the cool kids!)- can I make some with a wee bit of ease?

  9. Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow. I want to make skimming tops to wear during the teasing in-between weather. Not warm enough for short sleeves, not cold enough for a sweater. This would be the bestest!

  10. I’ve drafted a pair of leggings but I’ve been afraid of using the wrong material to make them. Looking forward to your advice, the workshop looks great! πŸ™‚

  11. Oh! this is so cool, I would love to make the tunic to wear with shorts and also the skirt! the dress also looks amazing with a belt!

  12. I’d really love to learn to make the top with the collar shown in the pictures above!

  13. A friend and I have a year-long project of sewing and knitting at least one (my goal is two) projects a month, using only materials in our stash, and one of my goals it to have more clothes I’ve made myself in my closet than bought clothes. What I really wish I could make is tights! I wear tights all the time. I happen to also teach Fashion Writing, so wearing my own-made clothes is a great example about sustainability and ethics. (Whew! Long-winded!)

  14. Sorry, but I didn’t actually answer the question with something we might make – tops that help make everything in my wardrobe work better.

  15. Looking forward to this class! I’d like some hand-holding on making simple clothing with jersey fabrics. Your leggings process is a perfect example, I want more!!

  16. I’d love to deconstruct my favorite RTW top and dress to make a pattern, but I’m hesitant. I just need a push in the right direction!

  17. I desperately want to make some non-maternity, non-nursing clothes!! I want to be able to fit my new stretched and tired mama to four body!!! Thanks so much for this class!

  18. This workshop is like the perfect answer to my quench of learning patternmaking. I believe i can create lots of tunic variation once i know how to make a basic tunic pattern. Oh how wonderful it would be. You are so inspiring!

  19. I am so excited about this! I would love to make a tunic that looks like it fits me! They look so great on everyone else, but I’ve yet to find one that looks like it was made for me. This is going to be awesome!

  20. Farhana aka Sewmodest

    I would love to have some make some tunics, leggings and pants. I have already worked my way through about have of your book would love a bit of hand holding instead of guessing my way through some of it.

  21. Love to be able to correctly fit my body and design for it too!

  22. I would learn to mix my favourite patterns. I prefer to realize dresses, but also sweater and skirt.

  23. I want to make all kinds of tops, skirts, and dresses for myself and my girls. trying something new is always a challenge and a fear – but this is something I really want to do.

    side note: I tried clicking on your book – but the URL didn’t work.

    thanks for the chance to win! kg

  24. Genevieve

    Hi Cal! I would like to make some tunics for those changing seasons – spring and fall. I took a class of yours at the workroom, you are an excellent teacher!

  25. Yep, bought myself a sewing machine before Christmas and am loving sewing — quilts, aprons and eventually simple basics I can wear here at the farm! Thanks for the opportunity to learn to draft patterns — I did my apron pattern and would love to learn other techniques.

  26. Linen dresses and tunics with artful details like funky pockets, bubble hems, batik, embroiery and crochet

  27. I would love to make an entire wardrobe of simple garments (tops, bottoms, dresses) for casual wear from luscious, natural fiber fabrics, and this workshop seems like it might be a good place to start!

  28. Patricia

    Hi Cal
    I loved your first video. You explained everything so clearly.
    I have my fabric waiting for next video.
    I created my wardrobe when I was younger, and now I can feel that what I am wearing represents me, so your course came just on time to make my own clothes again.
    One thing I like to ask is how to access to the live chat. I did try last week but I couldn’t find any link to. I asked Creativebug, but no answer yet. Can you help me?

  29. Kristen Eades

    Hi Cal Patch;
    I am interested to know when the next on-line pattern making class
    is for this year…2015. and when will you be at SEW in Woodstock next?

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