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the Hudson Valley area of New York, where i live,  is filled with makers, growers, and all sorts of creators. it can take a bit of hunting though to find them, as their studios, homes, shops and farms are spread out over this vast, largely rural area and tucked away on dirt roads or in tiny towns. this is why i’m quite thrilled about a new addition to the creative community in these parts: Drop Forge & Tool. based in the thriving big town of Hudson, DF&T is the new project of (freshly-transplanted from San Francisco) Katharine Daugherty and Michael Hoch. i suspect they are soon to become a key hub of our local maker scene!

in their own words:

Drop Forge & Tool’s mission is to encourage and support the making of new work of all kinds: visual, performance, written, tactile, and musical.  We host maker workshops taught by leading makers in their field, and a creative residency program to provide individual artists and small groups of all disciplines with much needed space and time to pursue what interests them most.

dft rug

i am really excited to teach my first all-day workshop there later this month: Crochet Rag Rug. i always love teaching rug-making because it’s such a practical and useful craft. plus i could use a few new rugs in the house! i have a special discount code to share with you: HPF25 will get you 25% off the registration fee, which includes a locally-sourced lunch.


take a gander at their full list of upcoming workshops, as there are  S O   M A N Y  good ones that i want to take! such as the debut English Paper Piecing one on May 5, for which i also have a 50% off code of InstaEPP. and i happen to know about a few that aren’t posted yet that you might go bonkers for, so be sure to sign up for their newsletter so you don’t miss out.

dft attic

just look at this amazing space, begging to be filled with makery of all sorts! they host awesome performance events too, as well as artist residencies and a weekly handcraft night.

at the tail end of summer i’ll be teaching a super-fun weekend-long Make Your Own Dress workshop with special guest Lisa Congdon! Lisa will be in residence at DF&T and we’ll be using fabrics from her latest collection, Revelry for Cloud 9 fabrics. it’s a perfect excuse to make a weekend trip to Hudson…



  1. oh yes, get in touch with Katharine! that’d be awesome.

  2. Cal, this sounds like so much fun. I’m saving tshirts to make some”yarn” for a rug, based on our yarn cupboard chat. I wish I was close enough to join you in the Hudson valley.

  3. i wish you could too faye! but you can fool around with it on your own too. i do have an online crochet rug workshop too if you need some guidance! check the online teaching page of my site and you’ll see a link to it. and show me your rugs! xo

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