dyed and gone to heaven

before the fair in september, i had a little dye party one day. i had dyed some yarn last year for this same festival, but realized when i pulled out my box o’ dyes that my color range was limited in the dyes that are for wool. so last year’s yarns were all in the red/pink/brown family. this year, having restocked the dye cabinet, i wanted to balance out the color range, so i did mostly green/turquoise/plum combos. now i have a nice pile of my own hand-dyed yarn to play with!

but the real point of this post is to show you what i spent most of that day working on: some very simple shibori scarves. oh, what fun! i hadn’t actually dyed any cloth since the amazing shibori workshop i took last summer, but i’d been carrying the inspiration around in my head all year. there wasn’t time to get into any of the labor-intensive stitching and tying techniques for this session, but i had an awesome time playing with colors and simple resists, and i really love the results. some are silk, and some are wool. i even overdyed some plaid suiting which has a really cool effect. i used to dye nearly all of the pieces i made myself (you can see some in my archives here), but that was when i lived in an apartment and had to make a mess in my bathroom. i decided then that it was a part of the labor process i didn’t really need to be doing. now that i can dye in my outdoor studio (aka back yard), i really should be doing it more! and i plan to.

look for these in my etsy shop soon… i just need to photograph them!


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