feeling heart-y

happy heart-day dear readers! i know i don’t say it enough, but i love you all, and am ever grateful for your faithful support and comments.

in my typical disorganized way, i think i’ve mentioned this everywhere BUT here: did you know that i embroidered a seed pack for the Hudson Valley Seed Library’s 2012 collection of Art Packs? well, i did, and i admit i’m quite proud of it! i have loved their art packaging program since i first heard about it (when i still lived in Brooklyn), and would always forward the Call for Art to all of my artist friends. never once did i consider that i myself would ever be involved, since i don’t really think of myself as an artist per se.

fast forward to this year, ken and doug are now my friends and neighbors, and ken tells me how he loves to expand the range of new kinds of art media each year, and that there hadn’t been any textile, embroidery or clothing art packs yet. well! those i can do! so i was assigned Heart Seed and i began sketching, and then stitching, and then took the final piece and sewed it into a gardener’s apron, which has been shown in several art galleries along with the other seed pack art. this friday the collection opens in NYC at the Horticultural Society of New York, and it may even travel to somewhere near you!

as you start planning your spring garden, and especially if you are growing in the Northeastern US, consider HVSL for your seed ordering. i love these guys, and their mission is a good one!


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