happy blogiversary to me

new studio

yesterday marked the 8-year anniversary of this blog. wow! looking back at my first-ever post has gotten me thinking about all that has changed and all that is very much the same (ahem, current messy studio is VERY reminiscent of the one i showed back then, though at least now it’s not my living room)!

this was my “Mission Statement” for the blog as stated in 2006:

1. documenting and sharing things i am making or have made, with the general goal of trying to sell them!
2. discussing the day-to-day trials and successes of being an independent, small-scale designer
3. exploring my personal project of trying to convert to wearing ONLY clothing made by myself, friends, or other indie designers.

i still agree with each of these intentions, although i don’t feel like i’ve really done any of them justice.

here’s to another 8 years!


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i am a maker, designer and teacher, living in the catskills/hudson valley region of new york. i sew, crochet, make patterns, spin, embroider, dye, knit and more...


  1. You inspire me and no doubt, countless others to more of a daily handmade life, a beautiful mission, Cal! Happy Blogiversary!!!

  2. Happy Blogiversary indeed! I always enjoy hanging out with you virtually on the blog, in ‘class’, or IG!

  3. I just found your blog and you were just what I was looking for!!!!!!!!!! Im new to sewing but have a great desire to learn to sew my own clothing after many failed attempts of sewing clothing that just didn’t fit my taste! Anyway! so glade I found you and I’m so glad your willing to teach!!!
    best wishes!

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