hello November

as is my way, time has gotten the better of me, and again i’ve let #SlowFashionOctober pass me by with nary a post about it. i did manage to do a bit of an intro post over on Instagram the first week, and told a very short version of my story, which got me all revved up to write up a long version here. i have so much to say on the subject, since i have basically crossed over from the Dark Side of working in the fashion industry and earning my living from Fast Fashion, though long before that term was coined and it was a very different beast than what it is today. still, the wheels were in motion and more and more production was moving overseas at a rapid rate, and i could see back then (i left the industry and became self-employed in 1998, but continued to freelance part-time until around 2005/6 i think) that i didn’t feel aligned with the way it was going. since then i’ve transitioned to making and selling clothes myself and teaching clothes-making and other fiber arts, all of which do feel good and fulfilling.

when i have too much to say, or too many ideas, i get overwhelmed and then paralyzed. reading all of the thoughtful discussion excites me, then inspires me, then leaves me feeling like everyone has spoken so eloquently and sensitively on the subject, that i have nothing to add. but i do, so i’m going to attempt to share more of my story, little by little, this month, now that it’s quieter and there’s less (self-created) pressure. i’ll have my own little Slovember.



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i am a maker, designer and teacher, living in the catskills/hudson valley region of new york. i sew, crochet, make patterns, spin, embroider, dye, knit and more...


  1. Yay! Looking forward to it. There’s so much noise out there, and so many people who seem to have so much to say……..but you are my hero, you taught me I could sew my own wardrobe, and I want to hear what you have to say! Jenny xxx

  2. I totally get you about having a lot to say and then getting overwhelmed and paralyzed. That happened to me a lot during Slow Fashion October. There was so much to take in and so much I wanted to contribute and then poof! the month is over, but the conversations continue, and I think that’s what it’s ultimately all about. Happy November!

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