i don’t spin enough

i love spinning. but it’s definitely the thing that always gets pushed to the bottom of the Priority Ladder, i guess because i love it but it’s not one of my sources of income. last february i joined the Ulster County Handspinners, with the primary motivation being to spin more. and i have definitely spun more this year than any year since i began spinning, way back in 2003 at Steam Valley Fiber Farm. i’ve also made lots of new friends, like jill, chris, and the ladies i spun with for the fleece-to-shawl contest.

Feeanyway, i don’t get nearly enough opportunities to include photos of sheep or goats here on these pages, but here is the adorable freckly-faced feenat of Juniper Moon Farm (formerly Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm, of the well-known fiber CSA concept). she is here to tell you that JMF is hosting a spinner’s giveaway (enter by sunday!) of two pounds of their luscious spinning fiber. may the luckiest spinner win!

also, just in case you could possibly not be aware of this, we are just two shakes of a lamb’s tail from the 2009 NYS Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck! it’s not this weekend, but next, can you believe it? there may still be room on heather‘s bus from brooklyn. i will be there spinning on saturday with my buddy jill at the Ulster Handspinners’ booth. hope to see you!

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  1. Cal — you are the coolest! I read your blog every day and it’s so good to know what’s going on in your life. I can’t wait until you have your own farm…

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