i drew 31 things!

wow! that was super fun! from January 1-31, i (along with thousands of others) participated in the Daily Drawing Challenge of Lisa Congdon’s 31 Things to Draw workshop, which was a fantastic way to start off a New Year! each day a new segment was released, in which Lisa showed us several ways to draw a thing, like teacups, or root vegetables, or spice jars, or cacti, or bikinis. every day was a surprise to me, because i didn’t peek ahead at all the drawings to see what was coming. i’ve been wanting to get back into the habit of drawing in my sketchbook, so this daily practice was an excellent motivator. Lisa is so good at simplifying objects and making them really approachable, and it really brought me back to all the drawing and sketching i used to do in school. these days, i may sketch out an idea for a dress or a crochet design, but i rarely draw for the sake of drawing…

i think my favorite thing to draw was the root vegetables (find them below), but my fave overall doodle was the “bees” one you see above. it got me thinking about Spring and getting the garden going, and reminded me that it’s time to order seeds, especially sunflowers!

i did these right before bedtime every night (hence the poorly-lit photos) and only spent about 5-10 minutes working on them (the video tutorials are about 3-5 minutes long). i didn’t branch out too much from Lisa’s examples, but if you check out the #CBDrawaday or #31thingstodraw hashtags on Instagram, you’ll be AMAZED at some of the interpretations by very talented illustrators! i loved seeing the wide range of skills each day.

usually i fall off the boat pretty quick when i try to take part in these challenges, so it feels really great that i stuck with it. and even though this workshop debuted last month, all of the segments are up now for good, so YOU can take part whenever you like, and add your drawings to the galleries. i promise, even if you think you can’t draw at all, you’ll have fun and see that you actually CAN!

and — breaking news! — i just found out that there’s a NEW Daily Drawing Challenge workshop for February, with Heather Ross and Molly Hatch! plus there are a bunch of other illustration and sketchbook workshops on Creativebug too. my sketchbook will never feel neglected again.



  1. I loved your root veg too and your birds and bees. I always fall of the wagon on these things, so be proud and now we wait for February’s sketches and doodles. xox

  2. thanks corrine! i struggle with establishing daily/regular practices, so it was a good experiment.

  3. thanks gale! yes! i loved that they were each short and sweet and totally digestible. i mentioned it because i imagine that makes them seem more do-able for most people too!

  4. oh Heather Ross is my drawing hero. I guess I’ll be checking that out today! Great work — establishing routine is hard for me too.

  5. I love how happy the bees appear, and your sketches have been fun to follow on Instagram. Your sketches look effortless.

  6. These are so great! I want to get on board with some of these drawing challenges on CreativeBug!

  7. yeah i still haven’t watched the February ones but i am looking forward to Heather’s too!

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