wait a minute, it’s MAY?!? how did that happen? my goodness, it just doesn’t seem possible that we are already 5 months into 2012. i know i’ve been quiet over here, but that’s just because so much fun stuff is going on behind the scenes! it’s always hard when the most exciting projects one is working on can’t actually be unveiled yet, so i just wanted to pop in with some teasers and mini announcements:

1. the sparrow is BACK! she has laid her teensy eggs in the little nest over our front door again. i should really take a context pic so you can see where the nest is. we can’t actually see into the nest, we have to hold a camera over it to get a glimpse. so there are at least 4 eggs, maybe more… and they should be hatching any day!

2. the latest schedule of fun summer workshops is posted at Wing & Clover. i’ll be teaching 4 classes so get your spot now!

3. ok, saved the best for last: i can’t say any more yet, but i’m involved in a wondrous new venture that promises so much awesome potential for all of you who’ve wished i would come teach a workshop near you. i might actually be able to come right into your home! WHAT?!? check this out, watch the amazing trailer (featuring my buddy jill, and my hands get a cameo at the end) and get on the list to be updated when we go live…


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