introducing: borealis

whew! it’s with immense pride (and relief to have it done!) that i present to you: the Borealis Shawl. by far the most delicate crochet work i’ve ever done, but the moment i saw jill’s amazing Aurora yarn (wool/silk lace weight) i knew i had to design something worthy of it.

i finished hooking up this shawl around a year ago, but writing the pattern was a challenge that for some reason got me completely stuck; it was like having a writer’s block of the crochet variety. in the meantime, the sample has accompanied jill to many a fiber festival, where we have been highly amused by some of the comments we’ve heard. for example, “i didn’t know you could crochet with yarn like THIS!” or our favorite “this isn’t crochet dear, it’s KNIT” said with an air of pitying condescension and a pat on the shoulder. but at last i got it written up, and now i’m eager to get some new patterns down on paper too.

if any of you will be at Vogue Knitting Live in NYC this weekend, you can pet the sample (and yes, get the yarn) at the Jill Draper Makes Stuff booth, #308/310.




  1. Cal…this is just beautiful! I saw it at Jill’s booth at the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival…it just lovely 🙂 Thank you for sharing it… mb

  2. Cal, that is gorgeous! I don’t crochet much, but it’s patterns like this that make me root through the stash and grab my hooks. Kudos.

  3. oh cal its fantastic!
    i’m still a total crochet beginner, but this is so tempting, and i’m looking for a project. do you think i can manage it??

  4. jen! it is not at all difficult, just requires a little bit of dedication. i think you can do it, and if you need help, i will just have to come to Northampton and help you! i say, go for it!

  5. This is absolutely beautiful! I am working on a lace knitted shawl and it is a bit trying! But will be well worth it! So pleased for you!

  6. I just finished my Coral Cloche and I’m in the middle of my WingFeathers Shawl. I look forward to starting this soon!

    Do you have a flikr page (or whatever) where we can share our Hodge Podge Farm creations?

  7. Wow, this is so stunning! I just added the pattern to my Ravelry queue! I hope I can hurry and finish some things so I can bump it up to the top! 🙂

  8. hmmmm, right now i only have one for sewing projects from my book, but maybe i will start one for my crochet patterns too, once some of these shawls start showing up. for now there’s just Ravelry. please be sure to friend me there so i’ll see your projects when they’re done! can’t wait! or just email me pics if you’re not a big Raveler ;n)

  9. thanks so much misty! i’m thankful that the cold weather here in NY is giving me lots of yarn time ;n)

  10. Cal,
    This is beautiful. A stunning design worthy of that gorgeous yarn. I saw a granny square made jill’s aurora and it took my breath away then, as it does with this shawl now. gorgeous. xx

  11. thank you anne! i’ve seen that square too; i think my friend jenny made it. there’s something about this yarn i’m just crazy about!

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