it’s May!

Crochet Flower

Crochet Flower

and i can’t think of a better time to hook up some crochet flowers! this is my newest workshop on Creativebug and i’m pretty excited about sharing my freeform approach to creating a bouquet of yarny blooms. these little cuties are a fun way for new crocheters (or those who are coming back around after a long hiatus) to practice and play with their stitches. and i’m all about projects that use up those scrappy little bits that we all have and can’t (SHOULDN’T!) throw away. you can use the flowers as brooches, gift-wrapping toppers, or to adorn hairbands, hats, pillows, purses, or anything that needs a little joy!

i’m slowly building my *crochet curriculum* over there, and planning that it will eventually be a go-to resource for anyone who wants to learn crochet. so far, these are the other workshops i have available, and more are on the way:

Beginner Crochet 1 which covers chain, single, double and triple crochet stitches, and fastening off

Beginner Crochet 2 which includes half-double, spaces, bobbles, fans, stripes and increasing/decreasing

Crochet Hat Formula which shows you a recipe for making any size and shape of hat, at any gauge

plus there are a bunch of other fun crochet projects with the likes of debbie stoller, anna marie horner, alix bluh and jenny doh. so, grab your hook and some yarn, check out a workshop, and see what happens…


  1. Shannon Phillips

    Hi there! I did not know where to leave this comment, so I am putting it here. I just got your book and it is fantastic! I have been sewing for much of my life but just within the past couple of years have been making my own patterns. Your book is such a great guide! I cannot wait to re draft some of my patterns, and see how much better they can be! Thank you!

  2. thanks shannon! did you see we’re having a draft-and-sew-along? join in if you fell like it!

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