join us for the Fringe and Friends Logalong!

it’s a whole fresh new year!!! and it’s already off to a great start if you ask me. so many plans, projects and news to share, but the first fun thing is that i’m a Panelist (SQUEE!!!) for the Fringe and Friends Logalong! yes, that’s right, i’m taking great leaps for crocheters EVERYWHERE and being the first panelist to wield a hook in a Fringe make-along (note: usually they are called Knit-alongs but i think for the first time ever, this one is a make-along!)! masterminded and organized by the lovely Karen Templer of Fringe Association, i’m in love with this group project and can’t wait to see where it leads.

all are welcome to join in on the fun: quilters, weavers, garment sewers, knitters and crocheters! probably even embroiderers and rug hookers! the only rules are to begin after January 1 and use Log Cabin construction as your starting point or inspiration (loose interpretations seem to fly). Karen announced the plans back in October so you can read all the fine print, and she has some helpful inspiration posts (here and here) you’ll enjoy if you need to get those wheels turning…

my plan is to use a pile of scrappy stash balls to make a little bandana-cowl-type-thingy (with the points in front and back) which i may or may not call the Log Cabindana. i picked colors from my epic stash of tiny yarn leftover balls that remind me of old woolen quilts, in the spirit of true Log Cabin-ry!

my fellow panelists are of course Karen of Fringe Association, along with the illustrious, hilarious, High-Priestesses-of-Log-Cabin-ing — Ann and Kay of Mason Dixon Knitting, plus Veronika of YOTH yarns!  Kay and Ann’s post about the Logalong contains links to oodles of project ideas, plus they have a book about the technique, FIELD GUIDE NO. 4: LOG CABIN, if you’re looking for resources. but you are welcome to totally wing it as well!

we hope you’ll join in! use #fringeandfriendslogalong (pssst have you noticed you can now FOLLOW hashtags on Insta?) to share your process/progress and i hear there might be some prizes too…


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