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i am knitting lee meredith‘s vortex hat, which has been in my ravelry queue for about a year now. there are a lot of ‘firsts’ going on with this project: first time i’ve seen a pattern and bought the exact yarn specified, for the direct purpose of making the project (i know this is how so-called normal people do it, but not usually how i do!). it’s also the first time i am documenting a project in my ravelry ‘notebook’. and it may just be the first thing i have actually knit from a knitty pattern (my newest crush is this sweater…)!  i’ve been a bad raveler since day one, even though i think it’s immensely brilliant. anyway, this hat caught my eye because i actually don’t have a perfect go-to hat that i wear all the time, even though i make about a hundred crochet hats every year (probably not a hundred, but a LOT). i like the unusual way it’s constructed, and i like that it’s made from striping together two colors of Noro Kureyon, one of my favorite yarns. so, i have finished the first ‘wedge’, and the pattern is really fun to knit. and lest you think i am making a purple-and-ivory striped hat, i have all of these other colors to look forward to in the above skein! the alternating stripe yarn is a more subtle range of ivories and beiges.

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i am a maker, designer and teacher, living in the catskills/hudson valley region of new york. i sew, crochet, make patterns, spin, embroider, dye, knit and more…


  1. hi! i came across your blog when reading through the teachers for Squam. I liked the sound of your bio, and find myself liking your blog a bunch too. The banner for starters! 🙂 I am now also coveting a dress and some leggings in your Etsy shop… it’s sounding like a hodge podge vortex, no? all good! my name is annri, it’s nice to meet you.

  2. oh, i just have to ask, are you an english or continental style knitter?
    looks like it will be a great hat, i know what you mean about making so many hats but not making one for yourself! I saw a really pretty scarf made the same way, with striping a solid yarn with a skein of noro.. very nice.
    looking forward to seeing it finished 🙂

  3. hi ashley! i always forget which is which, but i think i’m continental? i wind the yarn through the fingers of my left hand and do all the work with the needle in my right hand. just like how i crochet! how about you?

  4. sounds continental! i wondered, as they say its easier for us hookers to knit continental. I am just learning this way, its so much easier and faster and much less unnecessary wrapping!!!

  5. Yay! Looking great! That’s my favorite things about Noro – waiting for the colors you love to start appearing in the knitting, watching them slowly change from blah to bright….

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