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a few weeks ago, i had a really fun chat with the lovely sandi hazlewood for her podcast crafty planner. i’ve been listening to sandi’s voice — via her podcast — for a few months, so when we finally met (over Skype), she already felt like a friend. my favorite type of podcasts are the ones in which makers tell their stories and talk about their work, and sandi’s is one of my more recent infatuations. she’s interviewed so many people i admire, like anna maria horner, sarai mitnick, denyse schmidt, lisa solomon, christine haynes, and jaime jennings. podcasts keep me company while i work in my studio, so it’s always fun to be in front of the microphone!

sandi asked some great questions and got me rambling about the origins of my handmade wardrobe, my quirky shop in NYC, moving to the country, learning to play ukulele, and how teaching online compares to teaching live classes. plus a whole lot more! i giggle a lot and i think you might enjoy our conversation.


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  1. Looking forward to listening to this; it’s on my list for today as I knit and try to ignore the fact that I’m fasting in preparation for “a procedure.” Interested in hearing your take on online versus in-person classes.

  2. i think i kind of rambled off on a tangent and didn’t fully address this topic… it’s a good idea for a blog post! hope you enjoyed listening though, and hope the procedure went smoothly. <3

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