make their day

remember the other day when i mentioned that, when buying handmade, you could be someone’s first customer? well, i’ve got two suggestions if you’d like to make that happen!

my delightful friend (and sometimes model) erika somogyi is an extremely talented artist, and she has just opened an etsy shop called Erika Since 1977 (which by the way i think is a brilliant shop name!). so far she’s posted some hand-sculpted jewelry and salt-n-pepper shakers; i can’t wait to see what else is in store!

another artist whose blog, little yellow birds, i recently discovered is joetta maue. she was recently lamenting on her blog about the lack of inspiring job opportunities out there for recent MFA graduates, and i (among many others, i’m certain) suggested she start an etsy shop. and lo and behold, just last week she did! visit Bird and Bear and you’ll be glad. i find her work beautiful, touching, and funny. joetta was included in today’s etsy Finds, so act quickly…

both of these makers, as of writing this, have O sales listed in their shops. i remember how that feels! but YOU could be the one that makes them into official Etsy Sellers!

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  1. I totally agree with you, I’ve done it and Iwould like that It happen to mee too, great blog!!!

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