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you do subscribe to making zine, don’t you? i am just so in love with it. i’ve never seen a publication that so beautifully combines knitting, sewing, crochet, embroidery and virtually all the fiber arts. the photos (by carrie hoge, who created the magazine) are just gorgeous, and the projects are so modern and covetable. i find myself wanting to make everything! in this issue, i can’t stop thinking about that yellow backpack by Anna Graham of Noodlehead… i think it needs to be added to my Make Nine!

i’m honored to be interviewed on the newest episode of the making podcast also! listening to makers’ stories is my favorite thing for my ears to do while my hands are busy, and i was thrilled to bits when one of my favorite fiber-y podcasts, woolful, joined forces with my favorite zine. if you were already subscribed to woolful in your podcast catcher, you’re already tuned in to making too.

i am over the moon that i’ve had a design in every issue so far (that’d be 5) and i have one in the next upcoming one too. for the brand new issue, just out this week, COLOR, i designed a boxy, fulled crochet project bag that doubles as a basket — the BOXET bag — because it stands upright and looks as good sitting in your living room as it does on the go. i can’t wait to see what you all will use them for, because i can imagine a whole range of sizes for everything from your lunch to every WIP in your house!

the BOXET bag is designed in dreamy Quince & Co Lark yarn, and if you act quick you can enter to win yarn to make your own by leaving a comment over on the making blog post.

i must also add that this is a great project for stash-busting any skeins or leftovers of worsted-weight wool yarns you already have. they do need to be wool, because the bag is fulled (slightly felted in the washing machine) after crocheting.

top left: Studio Apron from LINES    //   top right: Chain of Posies from FLORA

bottom left: Smattering Wrap from DOTS   //   bottom right: Nyla Hat from FAUNA


  1. I listened to the podcast the other day; frankly, I could listen to you talk about your making journey all the time! I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my issue. I just did a yarnventory and have a bag of worsted weight leftovers. The Boxet sounds more interesting than a potentially ugly blanket. Can’t wait!

  2. oh claudia, i’d be so thrilled to see you make a Boxet bag! i’ve started a new one in darker colors too. and thanks for listening to the interview! i could talk forever about making! and listen to other makers’ stories. xoxo

  3. Hi Cal, I am excitedly starting on a Boxet bag today and had a quickie question. In the directions where it says to ‘full’ the bag, I see that it says to use a regular, COLD water washing machine cycle. I just wanted to ask about that because I’d never heard of fulling in cold water. I thought I had to use warm/hot water. Do I really just do it in a cold cycle? Thanks a bunch for an AWESOME pattern! I can’t wait to start!

  4. hi gina! i’m sure there are many levels of fulling/felting, plus so many variables such as which yarn people use, and their washing machines, so i felt cautious about telling people to throw their finished bags into a hot cycle! i did mine in a cold regular cycle, partly because i have a front loader, so once it’s in there, you can’t pause the cycle to check. i’d have probably done warm or hot if i had a top loader, so i could pause it and check, but i was scared to try that with my machine. i tested with my gauge swatch first. it didn’t get super felted, just nicely fulled so it’s a solid fabric and a hook or pen wouldn’t fall out through the holes. i’d recommend experimenting with a swatch and your machine! maybe i’ll test another swatch; i’m just finishing a 2nd boxet so i could do that one in hot water if the swatch test works… thanks so much for your note and i can’t wait to see yours!

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