meet the Willettes


i first met my friends Linda and Stephen Willette about 5 years ago when we were booth neighbors at a fiber festival further upstate. they are the cutest and sweetest couple you’ve ever seen, and they make exquisitely hand-crafted wooden tools for fiber artists: crochet hooks, knitting needles, yarn bowls, looms, and a whole range of objects i don’t even know how to use. somehow i don’t actually have a picture of them but you can just imagine my childhood heroes The Sunshine Family come to life and you’ll be pretty close.

one of the (many) reasons i look forward to Rhinebeck every year is that i get to see the Willettes and (sometimes) add a lovely new hook to my collection. if you’re going this weekend, lookout for them in Building C!


this year’s acquisition for me will be a large hook for crocheting rugs. and, i’ve been meaning to mention that the Rag Rug-Along is still going on (through the end of November!) and i’ve rounded up a few prizes, one of which is a Willette jumbo crochet hook!!! just post your rug pics (in-progress and finished) to Instagram (you do follow me, right?) and hashtag them with #cbugragrug.

ok, gotta run if i’m gonna finish my Rhinebeck sweater and wear it tomorrow! i took a super fun spinning class yesterday with Jacey Boggs who was a fantastically fun teacher. i’ll be there both days this weekend so say “hi” if you see me! and i’ll be spinning in my guild’s booth in Bldg 39 from 3-5 on saturday.






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