oops: blue monday

ok, so last week i was reading one of my regular blogs, curious bird, and leya said that she was going to do a color week starting on monday. the idea is that each day of the week is assigned a color, and you go out and take photos of whatever you can find that fits. what a fun idea! i’ve never participated in anything like this, and i thought it would be a perfect way to get me started taking photos and noticing details on this amazing farm that i now (temporarily) reside upon. now, fast-forward to yesterday, when i suddenly realized with a start that i had signed up to do this and, yes, it was already tuesday! and it was already dark. so, tail between my legs, this morning i dutifully went about making up for my three-days-lateness so here you have it: my rendition of Blue Monday

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  1. color week- i like the idea! i like your purple effort. i have a weird problem with purple, not even a seasonal thing, so i would’ve done a loose interpretation of the color too. loose interpretations are good! more open minded right? kinda? maybe? hehehe

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