it’s starting to feel like a FARM around these parts! on wednesday i brought home six chicks: 3 araucanas, 1 rhode island red, and 2 red cross. when they grow up, they will live in this (great job guessing, you guys!). we are pretty smitten with them already, and they all look so different and have their own personalities, even though they are only a few days old. we’re naming them after the ladies of Mad Men. so far we’ve got Joan, Peggy, Betty/Betsy, Jane and Lois. can you guess who’s who?

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  1. ack!! what cuties! and i love their names. i have a bunch of turkey chicks to name – any ideas?? (i moved my blog – i’m @ spotted dog farm)

  2. so great! i am jealous! even though we are not allowed to have chickens in the city here, i am always thinking about it!!! i can’t wait to see what they look like as they grow up!

  3. you’re right barb! she’s a few days older too so she’s more VOLUPTUOUS ;n)

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