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i am not in the habit of asking favors of my dear blog readers. i am also, as i’ve mentioned before, not very comfortable with self-promotion. nonetheless, someone (ok yes, i admit, it was ME, i told you i’m not good at this!) has nominated me for a POPPY. (note: the rules clearly state that you are allowed to nominate yourself.) you see, one of my yet-unpublished resolutions for this year is to step up the promotion of my shop, my book, and my classes. because this self-employment thing is not as easy as it looks! especially when you don’t promote. anyway, if a few of you could hop over to Poppytalk, my favorite crafty design blog, and also nominate me (i entered in the ‘handmade accessories’ category; there isn’t one for clothes) i would be super humbly appreciative! the five people with the most nominations in each category will be finalists. it’s very easy, all you have to do is leave a comment here stating that you are nominating hodge podge farm and include the address of my shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/hodgepodgefarm

there are already a bazillion nominations for some soap companies (who probably make some really fantastic soap) but i figure it’s worth a shot… THANKS!!!

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i am a maker, designer and teacher, living in the catskills/hudson valley region of new york. i sew, crochet, make patterns, spin, embroider, dye, knit and more…


  1. Can we nominate each other??? I think I fit into the craft category! Good luck!

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