reflections on Squam, June 2014 edition

1oh Squam. you never fail to intoxicate, rejuvenate and educate me. this was my 9th (!) time at this creative gathering on a loon-filled lake in the woods of New Hampshire. i just read my account of my very first Squam experience and it all holds true to this day. it never gets old.

3the yarn bombing just gets better and better. jenn and kat, you ladies make the beautiful setting even more visually enticing. nature + yarn = nirvana.


of course i was most drawn to the crochet works, which were plentiful this year.



so great to finally meet rad Joetta Maue after so many years of knowing each other online. this is an embroidery by one of her students.




5 of my darling Sweetest Tunic makers. i always admire how Maya manages to capture her whole classes in photos. i always have a few who finish early and want to go dip their toes in the lake, and several who aren’t done until a little while after, so i can never seem to get the whole class at once.



this time our ice box was on the porch!


the effervescent Megan in her Squam smock from last year! i saw a bunch of smocks floating about all weekend, so heartwarming…


veteran Squammies Camille and Anne at the fair saturday night (anne’s wearing her tunic from class)


such fun meeting Sarah (aka onestitchshort) in person after following her projects from my pattern-drafting workshop. here we are wearing our matching dresses!


mandatory feet on dock shot with my cabin, Point of View.


and with hilarious Jeanne and dear Maya, who was also my roommate.


dappled daylight on the mossy path…


ice house! one of my (many) most favorite things.



20super fun times with these two (you are gonna join in on #crochetsummer2014, aren’t you?) as well as so many others! shoutouts to Anna from Tolt, Karen of Fringe Association, and all the other peeps i met or saw again!

i’ll save the pics from my Collage Crochet class for another post, since i already couldn’t edit these photos down to just a few. and for all those who dream of attending Squam some day, be sure to get on the mailing list so you’re in the know when next year’s retreat is announced. they sell out quick and you DON’T want to miss out!



  1. Hi Cal, I love your designs and have been following your blog unofficially for a couple of years now. I’ve been at Squam the past two springs and I’m sure that it’s puzzling to Elizabeth because in the slot for “teacher you don’t want to miss” I’ve written your name, though I’ve chosen other classes – I have a squirrelly brain and can never decide what to choose, so many great options. Anyway I was in the booth with the fox ears just across from you at the art fair. I do hope to take a class from you one day soon. You are the coolest.

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