i have become quite a fan of the hudson valley seed library. (it also just so happens that i’m now practically their neighbor.) i mean, just LOOK AT THOSE PACKAGES! their seed packs are the loveliest i’ve ever seen, because they feature art by local artists. currently they are holding their annual call for entries for next year’s seeds; the deadline is may 15 but you need only submit a sketch for consideration. c’mon all you New York state (and the immediate surrounding area) artists, wouldn’t it be cool to have your artwork on a packet of seeds? i think so! i’m also finding their blog to be a fantastic source of gardening information, especially their ‘seed-starting 101’ series.

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  1. Katie Stevenson

    Dear Cal,

    I read your book, and I loved it! Thanks so much for showing me how to make gorgeous custom patterns. I’m 20 years old, and every other fashion, pattern-design book I’ve read has been SUPER outdated and boring. But your book was FUN!!! It reminded why I love sewing and clothes so much. I’m a very unusual size, so commercial patterns are rarely very flattering on me. Your book both inspired me to make things that fit me perfectly and explore the limitless options of design out there! Thanks again!

    A Fellow Sewer,

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