slow yarn

this sweet video was made by the talented filmmakers i’m so pleased to be working with over at creativebug. it features Jill and me, talking with our friend and LYS-owner and sheep farmer Paula. we’re in the field with Paula’s Cormo sheep, chatting about how we all traded in our hectic lives in Brooklyn for the country life, which is not always simpler but way more rewarding, in my opinion!

i thought i’d share this today as a reminder to VOTE for Jill in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards. it would mean so much to her fledgling business to win this. she is working hard to shorten the chain between farmers and their sheep to knitters and the dreamiest, most colorful yarn you’ve ever seen. Jill has consistently been in the top 5 since the beginning of the contest, but there are a few competitors who are really gaining in votes. she needs YOU to help put her in the lead!!! you can vote every day, and in fact you can even vote more than once if you have multiple email addresses and family members. my friend Amy explained it very well and i’d like to borrow her words:

“The rules for the voting stipulate one vote per email address per day. Are you seeing what I see?

I read the fine print carefully and it’s totally legit for me to vote with my personal email address and then later in the day, my blog can vote for Jill with its email address and then a bit later, my work persona (such as she is) can vote for Jill with her work email address and then a bit later still, my volunteer persona can vote for Jill with her volunteer email address. You see? I don’t have a DSM diagnosis of multiple personality disorder as such, but I do have many facets to my existence, each with their own email address and each is allowed to vote daily for Jill.

Just a little fyi… go forth and be fruitful with thy votes for Jill.”




  1. Oh it was too short! Make a longer one! I want to see more of the sheep and the shop and the yarn!

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