strawberry girls

i really really admire bloggers who manage to post photos and write about events the same day they happen. unfortunately i am just not one of them.

a couple weeks ago, my mom, sis and nieces came to visit, and we had a fun time right here in Accord. actually, all of these photos were taken at Kelder’s Farm (home of the Guinness-certified World’s Largest Garden Gnome, who believe-it-or-not originally hails from Manhattan), where we picked strawberries and played ‘home-grown mini-golf’. the course is designed to be an educational tour of edible garden plants, and you are welcome to taste the plants as you work your way through!

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i am a maker, designer and teacher, living in the catskills/hudson valley region of new york. i sew, crochet, make patterns, spin, embroider, dye, knit and more...

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  1. I like the idea of a mini golf course with an edible element- too often it seems golf courses are artificial and void of life!

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