yes, you can Make Your Own Dress!

Caitlin and Mariglynn are living proof! see how happy and proud they are to be wearing their own handmade clothes? you can have the same feeling after taking my 2-day Make Your Own Dress intensive next weekend (April 16 + 17) at Drop Forge & Tool in Hudson, NY.



this is my favorite type of workshop, in which we have ample time to work through the entire process: we’ll take measurements, draft the pattern, make a muslin, fit the muslin, correct the pattern, then cut and sew a “real” garment! so often i can only teach one part of it, either just the drafting or just the sewing, and i know many students find it hard to connect the dots on their own.




these photos are from last August, the first time i taught this exact workshop. we had a great group of 5 eager women, all looking to take the plunge into sewing their own handmade wardrobes. since then, i’ve seen many garments that they’ve shared online, and when three of us reunited at a darning workshop in January (top photo), i was tickled to see Mariglynn and Caitlin in head-to-toe handmade!

Drop Forge & Tool is such a wonderful space, and Hudson is a lovely town to spend a weekend in (and an easy trip from NYC). you can see really lovely photos from our August weekend in this post. we’ve got a couple of spots left, and we’d hate for you to miss out…






  1. Yes! What Claudia said! I vote for Southern Ontario, I’m Waterloo but anywhere from here to Ottawa I would travel for

  2. thanks for the vote karen! i’ve been to your lovely shop with my pal Alisa. hoping to be back in 2017!

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