2011 in pictures: november

november is my favorite month! it contains my birthday AND my fave holiday. november is when i went to merry old England and met mr. smith’s family for the first time, and i can’t believe i STILL haven’t told you about that and shown you the pics yet. i’m saving them for another post though.

above are pics from the embroidery class i took with the amazingly creative artist Rebecca Ringquist at Wing & Clover. i had been dying to take a class with Rebecca since first meeting her at Squam 2 years ago. so much fun! she’s teaching another one this sunday (feb 12th) so jump in if you can!

Thanksgiving weekend saw the second annual Crafted: Handmade in the Hudson Valley sale; the lovelies of all holiday sales i’ve ever participated in. so many awesome local artisans! i was very restrained and only came home with some chocolate from Lagusta, seeds from Hudson Valley Seed Library, and a chicken nightlight from Whimsy Home.

i also started this sweater, and made decent progress while i was on my overseas trip. but then it was put aside for the holiday madness. i have yet to work on it since but i do have more to tell you about it soon!



  1. Cal-
    Thank you for your sweet pictures, I never remember to photograph my own workshops, so these are great to see!

    Wish I had time for another visit this Sunday- hope to see you soon.

    xo- Rebecca

  2. Sandra Brown

    Cal, these photos are great, I totally need to take a Rebecca class!
    xo S

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