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Alisa and i had so much fun during her visit, which was way too short what with 3 of the 4 days being taken up by Sheep & Wool (we had to deliver my stuff and get a sneak preview on Friday). we hadn’t seen each other for about 6 years, and we started planning it last spring, so there was much anticipation and then it flew by in a flash. but before she came we decided to choose a project to work on together and commemorate our visit. we also wanted to include Alisa’s friends Jenne and Tamaralda, both of whom wanted to come but couldn’t (maybe next year ladies!). we knew we wanted to crochet (we both love the underdog of yarn crafts) something small-ish AND spin the yarn for it. so i did a little Ravelry searching a few weeks ago and came upon the lovely Phoenix mitts (pictured below) by Julia Vaconsin. somehow i have never made or owned any mitts, and it seems like high time i did, living in a chilly farmhouse in the country (as opposed to my former sauna of an apartment in Brooklyn).

fiber-wise, we searched all over the festival but couldn’t find anything that called out to us more than those luscious braids made by our friend Into the Whirled. i chose a lovely colorway called Voila, not even realizing how familiar it looked, and we each spun our first bobbin the following Monday. i’ve never spun lace-weight yarn before (i usually spin a chunky-to-bulky weight yarn) so this is a new challenge for me. it’s finer than i’ve ever spun but once i ply it, it will probably be too thick, so i will likely have to make some pattern adjustments. this also happens to be the first time i’ve ever spun yarn for a specific project. exciting! we both plan to document our progress on our blogs… so Alisa, how’s it going up there in Toronto?

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  1. what a cool project!
    those mitts are gorgeous- and i can’t believe you’ve never owned mitts before!!
    i hear you about not being used to spinning lace weight- maybe could you just use a single?
    i can’t wait to see how they turn out.

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