bits and bobs and a class this weekend

poet tunicif you live local to me (that’d be the Hudson Valley/Catskills area of NY), i just want to make sure you know about the loveliness that is Sew Woodstock. it’s a new-ish shop in the town of Woodstock, dedicated to sewing, and run by two of the nicest women, Sally and Molly. they are big supporters of upcycling and recycling and the Alabama Chanin (they sell AC jersey!) movement, and it’s my new favorite place to teach! i plum forgot to take pictures the first time i taught there, so i plan to do a more thorough post about them after this weekend. for now i just wanted to tell you that on Saturday i’m teaching a Poet Tunic workshop there and you should join us! we’ll take old XL t-shirts and transform them into cute tunics like the one you see above.

whileshenapsalso, if you missed it, a few weeks ago i had the honor of being interviewed, along with fabulous Jen of Grainline Studio, on Abby Glassenberg’s wonderful podcast, While She Naps. i’ve been listening to this podcast regularly for a few months now and it’s SO good. i love hearing the stories of makers and my fave part is toward the end when the guests and Abby all give their latest obsessions/tips/gadgets/apps/tools etc. i’ve learned a lot of good info! talking with Abby and Jen was really fun and it all went by too fast…

threadbanger cro T  threadbanger T2

and the last thing i wanted to tell you for now is that i’ve updated my tutorials page with some of my more recent tutes and fixed some broken links. you may be familiar with all or most of them, but there might be some that you’ve missed so give it a glance!


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  1. Oh my gosh, I love this poet tunic so much!!! Is there a tutorial, or pattern, or some way I can learn how to make this?

    Thanks so much!

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