book review: girl’s world

good afternoon! may i offer you a cup of tea? i sure do feel like there should be fancy cakes and tiny cups of tea today, as i tell you about a sweet new sewing book i have the honor to review… let’s just pretend there are, ok? Girl’s World, by Jennifer Paganelli, better known perhaps as Sis Boom, is certainly a tea party of a book. and i’d like to welcome any of you newcomers, who are stopping by as part of the Girl’s World Blog Tour!

“twenty-one sewing projects to make for little girls” sums it up nicely, but the glorious spectacle of colorful print and pattern in every photo are what make the biggest impression…

if you sew, and know even one little girl, you are going to NEED this book!

there are projects for her room…

and for play…

and of course my favorites, the clothes! that Agnes Tunic Dress (left) looks so much like my beloved smocks; now i can make them for my nieces! and the Annabel Apron can be tied on over any outfit for instant frills and festivity…

…and how adorable is Mary’s Fancy Sash Dress? i can just imagine girls loving these clothes for playing dress-up, real dress-up, and every day wear. they have such a rare balance between classically old fashioned and modern style.

aside from all the pretty, there’s some down-and-dirty sewing instruction going on here too. the book has detailed info on techniques like gathering, lining, working with bias strips, and finishing. and the plentiful diagrams are very clear. i can’t wait to pull out the patterns and make some of these, because i think they’re going to make some little girls i know very happy…

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  1. Daisy and Daisy

    That is the cutest book!!
    Only when I see books like that do I wish for a girl…boys clothes are so much harder to make cute…but we do try!!!I would like that tunic for myself!

  2. she has a similar pattern for women too! you can see/get it on her site…

  3. I cannot wait to have this book. I have an adorable Granddaughter who will be 4 yrs old in August that needs some spoiling. Of course, I’m crossing my fingers I’ll win a copy. If not, I’ll have to buy my own. I just love the dog in the book that others have made during the tour. He’s just too cute.

  4. shannon H

    I’m in love with this book and MUST have it!!! I have two girls that love me sewing for them at the moment and would love to make these adorable creations for them!

  5. Henria O.

    Looks like some really fun projects are included in this book! I really love the aprons!

  6. Do I know a little girl? I HAVE to know one! Ah! There is still a little girl inside of me! Ha! That book is mine! 😀

  7. Cal I really appreciated this incredible review!! You’ve made me smile , I can’t thank you enough for being part of the blog tour and making my launch so meaningful..Have a wonderful day! xoxoxox Jennifer

  8. Excellent review. Every time I see this book, I see something i didn’t see before. Awesomeness on Jennifer!!

  9. Hello
    I would like to buy this book but my daughter is 10 years old. Is she too tall for patterns?


  10. hi marjoline, i gave away my copy so i can’t check the age/size range for the patterns. i suggest contacting the author or the book’s page on amazon or its publisher’s site.

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