follow the fiber, chapter two: the spinner

the next phase of our fiber adventure has transpired! the lovely fiber that cris dyed has been spun into a gorgeous two-ply yarn by jill. i loved learning about her process in creating the yarn that i will crochet with; read all about it over here. guess who’s up next?


  1. Eeeee….so excited. I cannot wait to see what you do with it!

  2. hello. i just came here via kim’s (inspired living). i was in a very small craft fair with jill last winter and saw a skein of yarn that i fell in love with. i didn’t purchase it the first day and that night couldn’t stop thinking about it. first thing the next morning i went and got that stinkin’ skein and made a gorgeous hat for myself. her yarn is heavenly!

    i will surely be stopping by this space again! have a great evening!

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