forcing forsythia

i’ve never “forced” any kind of blooming branches before, but now that i have access to all kinds of bloomables right outside my door and (this is key) FOR FREE, i am hooked. [side note: i’ve never been a fan of buying cut flowers. i love them, but i’d rather grow them myself, and when i couldn’t do that, i’d rather buy something at the farmers’ market i could actually eat rather than just look at. i did love it when my CSA had extra cut flowers that we could take though!]

i’d prefer to call it “coaxing” or “encouraging”, but whatever you call it, forcing forsythia could not have been easier. i read up on methods and angles of cutting the branch, soaking the ends in hot water, putting sugar in the water, and changing the water daily, and i did none of the above. just chopped off the branches and stuck them in water, and about 2 weeks later, BLOOMS! and this while the snowstorm of the year raged outside. they have been in bloom for about 4 weeks now (the photos above are from 2/16 just before blooming, and 2/25 in bloom) and today little green leaves are popping out all over. i think i might stick them in the ground and see if they’ll actually root.

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  1. ooh.. so pretty and cheery!
    i know there are a bunch of perennials and bushes at our new house, maybe i can do this with them!

  2. Daisy and Daisy

    What fun you are having in your little farm house!!
    We have been busy planting seeds and making gardens here in Texas….Enjoying 65 degree weather before it gets torturous!
    Happy bloomimg!

  3. I love those forsythia, they look amazing in that giant glass jar. You totally inspired me and hopefully I will have lilac pictures to show of my “encouraged” blooms 🙂

  4. In Carrboro, NC the forsythias are just blooming. I always plant bulbs in early winter to enjoy when it is frosty out but never have tried branches before. They look lovely and I am sure they will root. I have some growing out of my compost pile from 3 years ago. Happy Spring!

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