happy new year!

can you believe it? a whole new year!

i love january. it always feels so inspiring: the clean slate of a brand new year. september through december are madness for me, as they are for most handmakers, and the whole time i have to postpone everything i WANT to do until january. so, here we are, and i’ve got lots of plans to tell you about, but for the moment i just need to tell you that i’ve got some super fun new workshops going on over at creativebug! two spankin’ new ones debut this week, and the timing couldn’t be better: what else is there to do in january but whip yourself up a new batch of LEGGINGS?

today was the premiere of the Drafting Leggings Pattern Workshop, and on thursday you’ll have the complete set with Sewing Leggings. i just ordered myself some new woolly knits to play with, because at this time of year i wear leggings under everything, for an added layer of cozy. and even though we’ve still got lots of cold ahead, spring isn’t that far off, so a couple new pairs of cotton ones will allow you to jump into your favorite spring-y dresses that much sooner!

and in case you still haven’t investigated the amazingness that is creativebug yet, i’ve got a little promo code to get you $10 off a new subscription through january 31! it’s easy to remember: CALPATCH

and, if that’s not enough for you, my buddies over there are letting me give away a FREE MONTH of unlimited workshops! i mean, have you been keeping tabs on some of the recent additions to the superb list of teachers? so many of my craft crushes, like maya donenfeld! amy karol! gretchen hirsch! anna maria horner! and cathy callahan! all you gotta do is leave a comment on this post, describing your dream leggings, by midnight on sunday (1/6), and a winner will be randomly selected and announced on monday the 7th.

ok, i think that’s all the news for now. GO FORTH AND MAKE LEGGINGS!



  1. Congrats! Both workshops sound like great fun! Perfect leggings for me? Simple. Long enough for my 6ft tall self, and not black.

  2. My dream leggings would look lacy but actually be really warm. (In Seattle we bundle up into June.) Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. non-itchy wooly leggings!
    sounds great cal…..thanks for the giveaway…..

  4. Wooly leggings sound wonderful right about now as I type with chilly fingers!

    Thanks for the opportunity to check out Creativebug for free.

  5. I’d love to have soft sweatery leggings! Being able to stencil on them is pretty cool, too.

  6. Wow! Leggings that are warm and cozy! Leggings that fit a shorter frame would be wonderful! Thanks !

  7. I second Tanya. Leggings long enough for my 6’+ frame. Though I would want them in every color, including black.

  8. My dream leggings would be warm enough to keep me cozy on the xc trail but wickery enough to transition to the bar for a brew afterwards without leaving me a hot mess. Pockets and attached wooly gaiters would be supreme… P.S. “wickery” meaning: having the ability to wick the sweat

  9. My perfect leggings are cozy, stylish, and in many dark colors for winter and fall, and bright colors for spring.

  10. Oohh…so glad I peaked on the blog today. My dream leggins would be super cozy soft woolies that do not get all stretched out at the knees. Happy New Year!

  11. My perfect leggings would be warm and cozy and hand-dyed some wonderful colors. 🙂 Thank you for the great opportunity!

  12. Gosh, I never really thought about my “dream” leggings, but I really like the ones you have on in the photo. I’ve never seen any with a design like that. So, those are my dream leggings! Thanks, Cal, I love your workshops.

  13. Cal,
    Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing Creativebug, so looking forward to this new resource for gettin’ my artisty groove on. As for my dream leggings….something cozy with different silhouettes of rabbits, maybe tone on tone coloring & most important LONG. Hugs, B

  14. I love leggings that are the perfect fit in the waist – not too tight and not too loose. And I love when they fall right at the bottom of the calf. I can never find the perfect fit, but I know with Cal’s help, I could make the perfect pair!!! 🙂

  15. Janice P.

    Everybody has great ideas for dream leggings. I’m voting on mixing the practical/ fit wants (no rolling waistband, no baggy crotch, no baggy knees) with the fanciful– ombre-died, bright colors, and your lacey patterns really are perfect examples. Kinda like what I look for in yarn and patterns when I knit! Thanks for the contest and the workshops.

  16. Wooly leggings sound like a dream! Hand-dyed would be even cooler. In some awesome fall/winter shades. The workshops sound awesome. I will have to explore all the offerings in more detail.

  17. Helen anderson

    Yes, please! I needs new leggings–yoga pants under jeans gets bunchy…and it’s about durn time I learned how to make my own clothes! And there ARE some pretty awesome other offerings at creative bug…this would be fab!

  18. My dream leggings would be extra long and fit snug
    And not sag.

  19. Oh my. What a treat to win would be. I was just talking the other night with my dear friend about how we’d love to make these leggings. They would be in a lovely color that I’ve been unable to find to match all the fabulous clothing I’ll be making with the amazing new Constellations fabric by Lizzy House.

  20. Donna Marie Cali

    Variegated stripey tights- most definitely 🙂

  21. That is awesome Cal! I can’t wait to make some leggings of my own. Creativebug is cool and what amazing teachers!
    I think I missed the “dream leggings” contest, but I want to describe mine anyway… My dream leggings would be cozy, not too tight (no muffin top – if you catch my drift!). In winter they would be wooly and in summer cool. They would be awesome enough to wear out on the town but comfy enough to wear to bed! Also, they would be solid or semi-solid unconventional colours! Maybe hand dyed fabric?!?

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