if at first you don’t succeed…

well. my first attempt at a Make Nine was not a big success. i only completed two of my nine (see below), one is verrrry nearly finished, and one is cut out but not even started on the sewing. i’m not going to be too hard on myself, because i made lots of garments for other people, and for teaching samples. and i traveled and taught more than i ever have, so my personal sewing time was limited. am i daunted? nope! and i’m in some good company so that helps…

this is my Teme Cardigan by Joanne Scrace, which i am absolutely in love with. i worked on it for most of the year, and finished just in time to wear it to Rhinebeck, which was my goal. here i am in the Ross Farm booth, who are the farmers who raise the sheep and made the yarn i crocheted the sweater with. it was so fun to show it to them!

above is my Wiksten Haori jacket, which i also adore and wore all Spring and Fall. did you see that i’m teaching a class on it? i definitely want to make more of these this year…

and this is my Beatrice Cardigan by Vicki Brown, which is about 95% complete; i just have the button bands to finish. it’s looking so cute and cheerful and i cannot wait to wear it!

i’ve cut out the Merchant & Mills Dress Shirt and it’s next up in my sewing queue. i still want to make all of the other items on my list, so i’m just trying to decide if i should roll them into this year’s Make Nine, or try to do them in addition to nine things. i think we all know the answer, but i’m ever-optimistic. i’ll share those plans soon… are you doing a Make Nine this year? i’d love to see it!

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  1. Okay, my Make Nine last year felt like an epic fail, but looking back, I did manage to complete at least three and worked on four others (one needs revisioning, two need finishing, and one needs much better light to work on). I’ve got my Make Nine list for this year. Drumroll, please – Erica dress (have the fabric!); Alabama Chanin wrap-around skirt (cut and ready to be stenciled!), a DP Studio skirt (think I have the fabric for it), Joji Locatelli’s Boxy Worsted (yes, I have the yarn), Mailin (which I’m almost done knitting!), a denim wrap-around skirt (Seamwork pattern, and I have both the pattern & the denim), Stephen West’s Enchanted Mesa sweater to use up stash yarn, MaryJane Mucklestone’s Voe Vest (think I have the yarn), and the Oversized Kimono jacket from Making (like the Haori – is it the same thing with a different name? I have the fabric!).

    This year I’m feeling pretty good about it, and I’ve got the supplies for it all. What’s helping me this year is that some of these are for KALs or SewAlongs (I have an IG friend who is also doing an Alabama Chanin project).

    Looking forward to seeing yours come to fruition! (Sorry for the long response!)

  2. i love this claudia! they all sound like great plans, and especially because you already have the fabric or yarn for most. i also do better with the motivation of a group make-along. can’t wait to see how yours goes! xo

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