leggings for the people!

i’ve been a little Legging Obsessed lately, and here’s the reason why: i’ve been secretly working on a How-Tuesday article for the Etsy blog: Design and Sew Your Own Leggings. this is actually the first complete pattern-drafting tutorial i’ve written since the book came out! it was really fun to do, and renewed my love for this essential item of clothing. lots of people commented that it never occurred to them that one could actually MAKE their own leggings! so funny; they really are pretty simple as far as the sewing goes. the hardest part can be finding a nice selection of good knits to use. i also designed a new style of stripey color-blocked leggings for the shop: the Pippi leggings! look for more of these (in lots of color combinations) in the shop soon…

also fun was that we organized a *real* photo shoot for the article. mr. smith was the photographer, and my fave local chocolate goddess was the model, and we had a good time making some lovely pictures! we will have to do more quality shoots (note: it was still pretty scrappy, but a level or two above my typical shoots, where i play photographer AND model!) in the future, since i sold every piece in these photos within a few hours of posting them. thanks for the awesome response!


  1. wow awesome you sold these pieces so quickly! all of them were so lovely and unique.
    congrats.. i have ‘pinned’ the article in hopes of making some, one day!

  2. Hi Cal,

    It’s so funny how small the world really is. I know Lagusta from years ago when before she became your local chocolate goddess. I used to order her vegan food all the time. Please say hi to her for me!


  3. These leggings are fabulous! I love the color against the background. Hope to get a pair of these some day:)

  4. I really enjoyed the tutorial on Etsy and am enjoying your blog now as well. I’ve been trying to make pants/sweats for my boys and myself, and just couldn’t get them right, because I was designing them based on ideas I had from old patterns. Your tutorial showed me a new way to measure and design, and I’m going to try again. (Plus, I really need some new leggings!) Jo Ann fabrics has a sale this weekend, and I’m off to buy stretchy fabric . . . thanks so much for your generosity.

  5. Oh My!!! My daily uniform is pretty much a dress and leggings! This is the most wonderful idea! I want to see this as a class!!! xx courtney

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