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are you doing a 2018 Make Nine? i wanted to participate last year, but never quite got organized. this year i’m ready! ok yes, it’s March but that means there are still nearly ten months left in 2018 to make nine garments… i can do it! (shoutout to cutie rochelle new for creating this “gentle challenge for makers”!)

in order from top left to bottom right:

1. Beatrice Cardigan by Vicki Brown — it was seeing this version by haveeweanywool that got me. could it be any cuter??? the rustic yarn and woodsy buttons just make my heart sing! i have realized a serious lack of practical cardigans in my life that i am trying to rectify by next Fall.

2. Driftless Cardigan by Grainline Studio — did i mention my dearth of cardigans? somehow the idea of sewing them hadn’t really occurred to me before, but this dreamy one by floraladdiction caught my eye, and there are so many great projects out there i can’t wait to make it. i’m planning to make this one happen for Spring. also, unfathomably, i have not yet made a single Grainline pattern so that’s two good reasons!

3. Paloma Top by Sew Liberated — i have had this pattern for years and somehow never made it, but its time has come! i love the idea of playing with the stripe direction.

4. the Dress Shirt by Merchant & Mills — another one i’ve been wanting to make for years; i’ve loved it since the moment i saw it! one of my first faves was karyn of the workroom’s version.

5. the Teme Cardigan by Joanne Scrace of The Crochet Project — my fate was sealed when i *happened* to find the perfect breed specific yarns in a range of gradient natural sheep colors at Rhinebeck 2016. i’ve been dying to start this for over a year, but was trying to finish a few other projects first. and i’m happy to report that it’s been in progress for a few weeks. follow my progress here….

6. Panel Tank by Alabama Chanin — it’s been a while since i hand-stitched a jersey dress and i need more AC in my wardrobe!

7. Wiksten Oversized Kimono Jacket by Jenny Gordy — another void-filler for the category of warm layers to throw on for chilly days. the picture above is ebbandsew’s and it’s just divine. i can picture so many of these being useful in my wardrobe… flannel, denim, linen… and it’s reversible!

8. the Factory Dress by Merchant & Mills — i’m not sure i’d have gone for this cutie until i saw a sample in person when i visited the M&M shop in Rye on a trip to the U.K. 2 years ago. my only regret is that i didn’t try it on while i had the chance; they had all the sizes there! i adore harmonyandrosie’s chambray version and will probably use a similar fabric for mine.

9. Top 64 by Merchant & Mills — ok so maybe i do have a thing for M&M patterns, you wanna make somethin’ of it? you should! you should Make Nine too! this amazing eco-printed one by localandbespoke has me smitten, and there are lots of great variations too… i could see this one becoming a staple too.

i was inspired and motivated by lichenandlace’s Make Nine. so, what are you making this year?

see more ideas at #2018makenine!


  1. I feel like this is my year to be all in with challenges and goals although I need to remember last year’s lessons (let’s just say I couldn’t see the forest for the trees). The awesome thing is that I’m pretty sure I’ve already planned to make at least 9 items this year so I’m in!

    Also, you gotta love Merchant & Mills. Their Trapeze dress is a favourite of mine; I’ve made two versions so far and have a third in mind. I also picked up their Rugby pattern.

    Looking forward to seeing your makes this year!

  2. yay! and yes, i have learned some lessons too about getting carried away and jumping on ALL THE WAGONS! but this one is over a nice long time period and i too already planned to make at least this many projects. can’t wait to see yours too!

  3. I love that Factory Dress–can’t wait to see yours. Also have some AC planned for my make nine (late edition).

  4. thanks jane! yeah i’m looking forward to it now. so far the first sewing project in the works is the Wiksten kimono jacket, and it’s looking good! should make a cozy Spring jacket …

  5. Mary Lou Egan

    I have Top 64 and the Factory Girl. I have had them for a few years, unopened. Maybe soon…

  6. i know mary lou, i’ve been *collecting* them for years… now to make them happen! i’m really trying to “use what i have” this year and make a dent in my pattern/fabric/yarn/fiber stashes…

  7. When I clicked on the link, it was clear I’d started watching the video (had maybe a minute left), so I watched it in its entirety again. I’m going to make the Rugby one of my make nine. Definitely.

  8. ooh, i wasn’t familiar with that one but i went and looked and yes, it’s very YOU! i think it’s the collars and cuffs. lovely!

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