print + sew with maya and me!

print+and+sew+with+cali am so pleased to announce that at the end of this month, i’m heading to Ithaca, NY, to teach with my dear pal maya at the wonderful new artspace called Craftstitute. this delights me in a number of ways, not the least of which is that i’ve always wanted to teach with maya, and visit her, and we’ve been scheming up ways to make it happen for years now.

so, when my friend lisa richards opened Craftstitute (along with her friend robin) in maya’s neck of the woods this past spring, we knew it was meant to be. we’ve always loved the idea of mixing or layering different crafts in one workshop, and thus our Print & Sew Folk Dress weekend was born. maya will teach you to carve your own blocks and create your own printed textiles, and i will show you how to make a simple and customizable folk dress or blouse. we’re pretty excited about it, and are hoping you can join us!

learn more and register over at the Craftstitute site.


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