Sew-along for the New Year!

you guys! it’s the last day of the year! and the beginning of a whole new one! for me this is always a very inspiring and motivated time because it’s the end of my busiest season and the start of my slowest one, which is something i embrace wholeheartedly. time to take stock (i’ve always wanted to do this), finish some languishing WIPs (#Eveof2016FinishingParty anyone?) and organize plans for the coming year.


one of the ways i’m so thrilled to f-i-n-a-l-l-y be able to get organized is via Textillia. have you jumped on the wagon yet? as they like to say, “Sewists, it’s OUR turn!” and indeed it is. we who crochet and knit can’t even conceive of life without Ravelry these days, but until now there’s been no place for we who SEW to document, research, share, learn and hang out amongst our peeps. i plan to, one by one, go through the garments i’ve made and document my sewing history over in *my studio*. if you’re setting up your own profile, please add me as a friend and i’ll add you back!

the lovely Ariane, who created Textillia with her partner Bruno, is hosting their first official Sew-Along for the month of January, and the project is the knit dress from my Pattern Drafting with Knits class. it’s a pretty casual sew-along, but you can read all about it over on the Textillia blog. most of the action will take place in the Cal Patch Fan Club forum* over there, and i’ll be chiming in, offering advice and moral support, and even making a new dress of my own. i’ll admit though that what i love most about this whole scheme is that i’m not in charge of it!

so, i hope some of you will consider joining in, especially if you’ve been wanting to try sewing with knits but haven’t had the courage on your own. i’ll be writing some posts about types of knit, some of my favorite resources, and the mysterious wonders of Ease. oh, and if you haven’t yet subscribed to Creativebug, today (December 31st) is the last day of the two-for-one promotion offer, so get to it! one for you, one for a friend!

*i have a fan club!!! i wanted to point out that i did not start it, and really it’s just a forum, but if that’s what Ariane wants to call it, who am i to complain?




  1. I am super excited to get going with this along with the CAL PATCH FAN CLUB!!! We may need badges and a secret hand shake!

  2. we definitely do! especially the badges! we might not get to use the handshake often enough…

  3. hee hee! “they LIKE me! they really LIKE ME!”

    happy happy new year to you too mary lou, from one of your fans!

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