sheep and wool annual report


above you see my bounty from the 2009 NYS Sheep and Wool Festival. for the first time i was able to go BOTH DAYS, since i now live upstate and can drive myself there. the Ulster Handspinners (my guild) has a booth every year, so this year i was actually a vendor and got to sell my crochet hats, as well as demonstrate spinning for a few hours. the weather was brisk and ominously cloudy, but there were only a few drizzles and all in all it was perfect pot pie weather, hence the fact that since the line was so long on saturday, i waited until sunday and missed the boat as they were all sold out by that morning. next year i’ll have to remember to have it for breakfast as someon else suggested on their blog! anyway, it was a glorious weekend; my crochet socks made their debut (i am determined to actually WEAR my handmade socks this year, and this seemed the perfect opportunity to break them out!), i again resisted the urge to bring home an angora bunny, and i restrained myself from going hog-wild with fiber and yarn, since everything i own is STILL locked in a storage container so i’ve tried hard all year to not accumulate more stuff. i only purchased the few, very carefully sought out items you see here: a hand-woven basket (the kind everyone carries at rhinebeck and which i have coveted every year past, but usually wait too long and like the pot pies, they sell out before the weekend finishes), a skein of GORGEOUS hand-dyed yarn from my new fave vendor Creatively Dyed (thanks, jill for showing me this booth which i never knew about before), four skeins of natural bunny-colored angora which i plan to make into a hat for myself, and some gooey luscious merino roving from cloverleaf farms.


  1. yay for crochet socks! I am trying to work myself up to knitting my first pair of socks, (and thus be a good knitter) but deep down I’ll always be a crocheter. I’d definitely like to try that pattern, your socks look wonderful!
    Those are some lovely fibers you got- especially the hand painted skein.

  2. May I just say, “SWOON”!!!! Everything looks so beautiful! 🙂 And squishy! And beautiful! (oh wait I already said that… well – it deserves beautiful twice… ok 3x!) 🙂

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