shire city holiday shindy!

i love it when the past circles around into the present. many many moons ago, when i worked in the fashion industry, the sales reps would come back after trade shows with these incredible rugs that looked like giant potholders made from recycled sweaters, by a mythical person named Crispina. zooming forward nearly twenty years, this weekend i’m participating in the final of my four holiday craft fairs, hosted by none other than Crispina herself! the Shire City Sanctuary Holiday Shindy, in Pittsfield, MA, begins this friday from 5-8pm and continues saturday and sunday from 10-6. i’ve attended this sale before and it’s certainly worthy of a day-trip to the gorgeous Berkshires! there will be 40 carefully chosen artisans, (among them my pals Jill Draper Makes Stuff and Christine Fromm) who will be bringing every sort of handmade gift. you can read about each of the vendors over at Crispina’s blog, where she’s been profiling the makers and their wares for weeks. it takes place in a spectacular enormous former cathedral, which is now artist’s studios and event space. trust me, if you believe in shopping handmade and local, you don’t want to miss this one! i don’t know a lot of people in the Berkshires region, so if you do, please help me spread the word…


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  1. Crispina’s work is amazing! What a fun show to be part of! Seeing all the shows you are in is super inspiring! I wish I could have zipped down from Toronto to all of them!

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