spin a yarn

these are the skeins i spun in the pluckyfluff class last weekend! i’m very proud of them, because they show that i achieved my goal of breaking out of my spinning rut. basically i’ve been churning out the same stuff over and over. but now… spinning will never be the same again! above right was our first project: beehives, coils, loops and twisters…

…’mohairy’, spinning with strips of fabric alternated with wool, and super slubs…

… felted nubbies, and spinning biddles and bobs into the yarn…

…and this one was the result of my ‘crazy batt’.

also, i forgot to mention that lexi’s new book is out! i can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. i have her first book and it’s great but the new one is supposed to have more detailed instructions and diagrams…


  1. cal these are SOOOO amazing!!

    i don’t think i can make it tonight. i was waiting to see if i could. bummer 🙁

  2. deconstructingVenus

    Tag! You’re it! Go to my blog for details. ajourneyinyourdreams.blogspot.com 🙂

  3. gorgeous, cal! i can’t wait to see the resulting hodge podge lovelies..

  4. michelle la Wooldancer

    WAY too much fun! thanks for posting & sharing pix.. it stumps me how the bear is tight-rope walking there, yet he’s not gonna fall.. he looks so secure up there on that thread.. is he spliced in? All your yarns are so inspirational!

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