Spirit of Mastery

i’ve always been very attached to the idea of documenting life through photography. family photo albums, both from before i was born as well as after i entered the world are still some of my most treasured possessions. i mean, if i didn’t have this, i would have long since forgotten what it was like selling my papier-mache jewelry on the street in NYC in a brightly-colored Betsey Johnson dress. right?

now, in my self-employed life as a maker/teacher/seller/farmer, photography is even more important. i try to write very clear, detailed descriptions of the classes i teach and the pieces i sell, but i know that nothing really conveys the message like a picture.

you might have different needs, whether recording stages of childhood, documenting your artwork, capturing portraits of relatives, holding onto the essence of a vacation or retreat, blogging about the new recipe you developed… we all have SO many good reasons to take better pictures. and that’s where my friend Thea Coughlin comes in. she’s teaching a new work-at-your-own-pace virtual workshop, The Spirit of Mastery, to help you take control of your camera so you can create the kind of photos you want.

in Thea’s words: “This class is for anyone who would like to learn how to master their camera’s Manual mode, and wants to take full control over the exposure of their images, no matter what the situation. This course also will deepen the connection with their own personal creativity, as well as with the people and objects they photograph.”

Thea takes stunning photographs, and has a gift for bringing out the inner beauty of her subjects. she’s also gifted at showing her students how to develop that magical quality that separates a *real* photographer from all those other people trying to capture a moment with their iPhones. so if you have a camera that you’ve been wanting to master, the time is NOW. begins May 5!


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