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i have a fantasy that plays in my head on a fairly constant rotation. in this fantasy, i am sequestered in a cozy, organized studio, equipped with any and all supplies i might need for whatever project is at hand (or the project that may present itself on a whim) with ample space. and absolutely nothing else. a big part of the dream is that there is NOTHING i need to do except create: meals will appear, dishes will be washed, all daily chores will vanish. i’ll be able to focus and play, and delve into new territories of mental freedom.

so, what i have been most looking forward to about January is that this fantasy of mine, IT’S COMING TRUE!!! i can hardly believe it. it’s like Elizabeth read my mind, and created a new kind of retreat, Squam Studio, that is exactly what i’ve always fantasized about. unlimited free time in a dream studio environment… and i’ve been invited to be the Resident Maker for the inaugural session. oh glory be!!! and of course, you can come too, if you like!



this wondrous escape will be held at a place like no other: a place few have visited, but those who have been there never wanted to leave. i’ve heard tales, i’ve seen photos, but i cannot WAIT to see it for myself. it’s the magical studio of madcap artist, teacher, stitcher, woodworker, landscape designer Willy Wonka Terri Dautcher. i’ve been a huge fan of Terri since taking her legendary “3 Tools” workshop at Squam back in 2010, in which i defied my inherent terror of power tools and made a wooden toolbox.

i’m kicking myself for not telling you about this sooner (and a good reason why you should get yourself on the Squam email list if you’re not already), but though the January session is very soon (SQUEEE!!!), there will be another in October. hop over here and watch the video, and find out all the details. we’re gonna need to keep pinching ourselves…

see you in the woods!

p.s. oh yes, if you’re a dog lover: Gertie is coming with me! and Daisy and Oliver will be there!

p.p.s. all photo above courtesy of Squam Art Workshops.



  1. Donna Lange

    Oh my, that does sound too good to be true. Enjoy it and if you come up missing I know where to send the search party!

  2. I was signed up for March and so looking forward to this opportunity. When March was cancelled I ‘had’ to force myself to go to Squam June Session!!! I am waiting to hear about October. This is a wondrous and unique opportunity, every crafter’s dream come true even if for one week..


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