you’ve got time

…or at least, that’s what i’m still telling myself! but then, i am chronically late, so you might not want to listen to me. i’m not making too many handmade gifts this year; it’s always a double crunch at this time of year since i do a series of holiday craft fairs in november/december, which saps a lot of my “making” time + energy, but i still have a few last-minute projects in the works…

anyhoo, i’m popping in here (that’s all i seem able to do these days) to tell you that my fine friends at Creativebug have given me 2 three-month subscriptions to give away: one for you and one for your favorite crafty pal (and there’s one more check off your list)! just let me know in the comments (by midnight on 12/22) which workshop inspires YOU for your handmade gift-ing, and one of you will be randomly chosen as the winner.

if you need more gift subscriptions, or [sniff!] don’t win, there’s a crazy half-price sale going on through 12/31. i think it’s a clever idea for lots of hard-to-shop-for creative types, from kids to your quirky aunt, and it can be accomplished instantaneously AND at the last minute! you know, if it comes down to that…





  1. I am really excited about the holiday preserving class. School hasn’t left me any time to craft but after my last final I am hitting the preserve making pretty hard. That or I will sleep until the new year

  2. If I can only pick one I would have to go with Kaffe Fassett’s Rosita Pillow. It is versatile & unique enough to fit into any decor style ie gifting. But Anna Maria Horner’s whole cloth quilt is calling to me because I have the fabric noted in her cover pic for the class. Rebecca Ringquists Needle Case is quite attractive as well. Face it, I like all of them!

    Thanks for the opportunity

  3. YES! Granny squares, tshirts, leggings! One day I hope you put a tunic tutorial up there.. also, anything having to do with Dying fabric I’m so eager to learn!!

    HAPPY Holidays Cal!

  4. I’ve done all of your crochet courses, because you can granny anything and give it to anyone and it’s AH-MAZING, but I really want to try some quilting, starting with Anna Maria Horner’s whole cloth quilt.

  5. Sewing leggings. I wear them year round and would love to learn how to make them. 🙂

  6. The Granny squares are inspiring me right now, especially the cozy for the mason jars! This would be a great gift for next year, because I have no time left this year. 🙂

  7. The leather wrap bracelet class inspires me! I think it would make a great gift, very stylish.

  8. After perusing just a few pages, I’m up to 5 classes…. mishima, magic ball color play, handmade soap, magpie cuff, & homemade apothecary… what a wonderful giveaway ! Thank you for the chance!

  9. The Bookbinding class called Japanese Side Sewn Sketchbook looks great for handmade gifts. I did a bit of bookbinding in design school back when and love beautiful papers. How nice to get to sew paper 🙂

  10. VickyHewThorn

    I love your leggings classes (soft waistbands = a revelation!), but for gifts I’ve been devouring jewelry-making classes. Now it’s getting down to the last minute, the earwire class is pretty helpful for quick but lovely ideas.

  11. When I was a little girl my mom had a bookcase at the bottom of the stairs filled with her craft books. There was a literally glorious kaffe fasset book hidden amongst the jewels, & i used to sit on the stairs & pour over each & every page, marvelling at the remarkable beauty he saw, collected and created.

    Of course this was integrally woven into his mastery of colour and so when I saw they’re offering a class with him the young girl in me literally gasped with excitement. Oh!! Me me me! I would dearly love to be inspired by kaffe’s magic and weave it like a fine thread into my holiday crafting & handmade projects.

    Then perhaps you could join my glorious world of handmade colour with a berry-brimmed wreath on the door, an origami book within, and my own little girl, inspired too by creative bug 😉


  12. stephanie tipton

    I am inspired by the preserves class. They look delicious.

  13. Your sewing leggings workshop for sure! I wear leggings all the time and learning to make them is really inspiring.

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